Childcare in Worcester County

Our Mission Statement

Our childcare center in Worcester County is committed to provide high quality childcare and early education programs serving infants through children 5 years old. Our goal is to ensure that current and potential clients are able to arrange appropriate early education and child care services at our Center regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, cultural heritage, political beliefs, disability, marital status, or toileting status.

Our Philosophy

Northwest Childcare & Development Center will present themselves as a high quality service that includes developmental growth, developmental based learning, and family support services. Our childcare center in Worcester County will empower parents and children by offering an environment that encourages social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Programs offered will nurture and encourage individual progress, allowing children to experience success at their own level.

At Northwest Childcare & Development Center We…

  • Engage all aspects of a child’s development – emotional, social, physical, cognitive, creative and aesthetic.
  • Support and work with families as the primary caregivers of their children.
  • Foster learning through discovery and involvement.
  • Create safe, nurturing, child-centered environments which encourage children to grow and progress successfully.

Enrollment Requirements

A child becomes eligible for enrollment at Northwest Childcare & Development Center once we receive the following documents and events:

  • Child Health and Immunization records and Developmental History forms – Due Annually
  • All enrollment forms prior to the child’s start date – Enrollment Book – Due Annually
  • A pre-enrollment visit by family and child for an orientation to the program
  • Payment for the first and last week of tuition fees and Registration Fee

Program Grouping Ages

Ducklings: Infants (8 weeks to 15 months of age)

Ducks: Toddlers (15 months to 2.9 years)

Guppies: Age 2.9 until developmentally ready for Munchkins

Munchkins: Age 3.6 until developmentally ready for Stars

Stars: Ages 4.6 until age 6

Getting the most for your child

Our Parent Handbook is your guide.

Please feel free to visit our web site often as information may change. Our goal with our website is to provide information, policies and to communicate with our families. You can find forms needed to enroll your child or to renew their paperwork annually as required by the state. You can even download the state licensing regulations. Of course you can contact us with any questions you have about our childcare center.