Are you looking for a preschool in Worcester County? Northwest Childcare & Development Center offers a learning experience and care like no other!


We have created a routine that will help children understand and maintain the expectations of each day.  Our educational aim is to teach your child the social, emotional and self-help skills that they will need in order to succeed in their life, while remembering to have fun.  We promote literacy and language as the tools to a child’s development and through partnership and good communication with staff we are able to utilize these tools to achieve our aim.  We offer program areas that enrich preschool reading, writing, music skills, math comprehension, memory recall, self-help skills, social sciences and the multicultural aspect.  Our preschool in Worcester County aims to teach each child at the appropriate level based on their comprehension and we strive for a no-pressure teaching method. Learning, although educational, should be fun and interesting and planned by all involved.


It is our philosophy that children need “great” teachers who will open up their preschool world with excitement, enthusiasm and wonder.  Children need to grow with a love for learning and a sense of confidence to help attain their classroom goals.  Children possess a great curiosity which needs to be nurtured and cultivated.


Children need a set of good values to accomplish good social skills.  Teaching your children to respect one another, as well as, the benefits of cooperation and patience, will help them to begin to see their own worth and build their self-esteem.  Good listening skills and comprehension play an important part, in that, children need both to begin in their growth and development.  These values also consist of basic points, such as, conduct, one’s physical well-being and emotional state.  Our child care in Worcester County ensures that your child will be able to attain these values and put them into practice.

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