The Northwest Child Development Center requires that all children entering the Center have record of updated immunizations that states that the child has been successfully immunized against communicable diseases in accordance with the Department of Public Health’s recommended schedules. Also, a written statement from a physician which indicates that the child has had a complete physical examination within one year prior to admission. No child will be admitted without the proper physical and immunization records. An Individual Health Care Plan for a child with a chronic health condition is required, as well as copies of any custody agreements, court orders, and restraining orders pertaining to the child that may be necessary.

Children’s Personal Needs: (See Parent Handbook)

The following personal items must be provided for each child (Please label everything!).

  • A complete change of clothing (socks, underwear, shirt, pants, etc.) appropriate for the season of the year and replaced when needed.
  • Seasonal clothing such as:
    • Waterproof boots or footwear for outdoor play (we do like to play in the snow)
    • Shoes for inside wear
    • Ski pants or snowsuit and a warm overcoat in the winter
    • Mittens or gloves pinned or clipped to a jacket or snowsuit
    • Warm hat or hooded overcoat
    • Sweater or light jacket during fall and spring months
    • Swim wear, water shoes and a towel in the summer to participate in water related activities.
  • All personal items must be labeled with a permanent laundry marker to help ensure that they do not get “lost”.
  • Store all personal items in the assigned place; do not send anything in a plastic bag as they are potential safety hazards.
  • We go outside everyday (weather permitting), even in the winter. We cannot keep a child indoors if requested. A child who cannot “participate in the center’s routines in a reasonable manner” should not be in attendance
  • A small tooth brush. We do have the children brush their teeth daily. Do not send a battery operated or large tooth brush. (Note: parents can “opt out” if they do not wish their child to brush teeth).
  • Resting items such as a blanket, and a small comfort item
  • Daily lunch
    • Additional requirements for Infants/toddlers
      1. Infants (Label everything possible)
        1. Premixed bottles (daily) , food for your child (daily or weekly) based on your baby’s needs
        2. Diapers and diaper cream ointment (labeled) – We suggest a box/bag
        3. Change of clothes, bibs, sleep sacks or blanket (labeled)   No pillows
        4. Toddlers (Label everything possible)
        5. Daily lunch and a sippy cup (labeled)
        6. Diapers and diaper cream ointment (labeled)

Birthdays and Special Occasions

Parents are welcomed to send cookies, cupcakes, or cake to share with their child’s class on birthdays and special occasions. Please let us know in advance that you will be sending in a treat.

Picking Up Children

It is strict policy of  NCDC that a child will not be released to any person other than a parent without written permission.

No child will be released unless:

1. A note has been written by the parent indicating the name of the individual who is authorized to pick     up, and

2. The individual picking up the child shows a proper form of identification upon arrival.

No exceptions will be made

Center Closings/Child Absence:

Parents/guardians must notify the Center by 9:00am (or within one-half hour of the time a child is scheduled to arrive), whenever a child is going to be absent. We do close on the major holidays (see Handbook) and one Professional Development Day (usually the Friday before Labor Day).

Every effort will be made to remain open in the event of snow or severe (Emergency) weather conditions. (Note: we do not necessarily close when the Leominster School District is closed). Weather related closings will be announced on Facebook, and emailed to anyone on our email list.

Snow cancellations and Delays

All weather related cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page as soon as a decision has been made.  We will also email you if you are on our “Email List”.